Webinar: The Inside Story of Oregon’s Big Parking Reforms

Join us on Wednesday, September 21st at 11AM Pacific Time for this webinar.

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Oregon recently enacted the most aggressive statewide parking reforms in the nation, requiring jurisdictions in the state’s eight largest metro areas to eliminate or greatly reduce parking requirements. This webinar will provide an in-depth overview of the new rules, the process by which they were enacted, and the possible implications and impacts as the reforms are implemented.

Catie Gould, Researcher, Sightline Institute
Evan Manvel, Climate Mitigation Planner, State of Oregon

Rachel Weinberger, Peter W. Herman Chair for Transportation, Regional Plan Association

Background is of Mt. Hood from Portland. The Inside Story of Oregon's Big Parking Reforms - Wednesday September 21st, at 11AM Pacific Panelists: Catie Gould & Evan Manvel - Moderated by Rachel Weinberger - Presented by the Parking Reform Network

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