Photo of a Parking Reform Network event in a backyard. People are sitting around on chairs watching a video address by Earl Blumenauer.

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Photo by Jonathan Maus – BikePortland

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Parking policy reform is an impactful — but often neglected — issue. By donating to the Parking Reform Network you are helping to build a parking reform movement.

Your tax-deductible contribution supports our programs and activities, including: the Parking Mandates Map, the Reinventing Parking Podcast, Parking Reform Playbook chapters, research internships, and direct support for parking reform campaigns around the world.

Parking policy plays a big role in the story of how we ended up with sprawl, climate change, and a growing crisis of housing availability and affordability. By reforming these policies we can make better progress on our climate, transportation, and housing goals. Parking Reform is simple and can even raise money to improve walkability and transit. All it takes is a little effort, your support can make it happen.

The Parking Reform Network is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes. Our EIN is 83-4536424.

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Are you an advocate, professional, or academic in a field that has “parking problems?” Are you an elected or appointed official with parking reforms in your dreams or under your belt? Are you a Shoupista? 

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then you should become a member of the Parking Reform Network!

Becoming a member of PRN grows the ranks of a visible parking reform movement. Membership also comes with professional and social benefits, including:

  • Access to other members in Slack
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  • Research assistance including use of our Zotero library

Donate to PRN and we will send you an email to confirm your membership.

If you are a student or an activist for whom dues would be a hardship, please submit this membership request form.

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