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October 2 – Do-It-Yourself Urbanism: Make Space (Los Angelos): Through art, music, and sport, we invite local residents, businesses, planners, and designers to learn about the history and future of the West LA Civic Center, and to MAKE SPACE together.

October 3 to 5 – Liveable Cities Forum (Victoria, BC): This forum will look at important synergies between efforts to address social vulnerabilities exposed through the COVID-19 pandemic, and efforts to increase climate resilience and achieve net-zero in communities across Canada through an equity lens.

October 14 – BIG CITY DESIGN + PLANNING SYMPOSIUM (San Diego): Join us for a discussion of the opportunities and challenges of big city design and planning with a panel of internationally renowned urbanists.

October 27 to 29 – International Cargo Bike Festival (Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands): We’re teaming up with World of eMobility to hold a unique, innovation-focused event with exhibition space, a huge indoor test track and a cargo bike conference.

October 30 to November 2 – Rail~volution (Miami): For more than 25 years, the Rail~Volution conference has shaped the vision for transit-oriented communities, influencing policies, planning and the way projects are delivered. 

November 1 – Traffic + Parking 2022 (Manchester, England): Local authorities and their partners are focussed on reducing traffic congestion, ensuring the free movement of public transport and safety of pedestrians. These are among the many themes that will be discussed at Traffic + Parking 2022.

April 26 to 28 – Urbanism Next Conference (Portland, OR): We are excited to get together in-person with experts from around the world to learn about how emerging technologies and changing land use, urban design, building design, transportation, and real estate and what these changes mean for equity, health and safety, the economy, and the environment.

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