Upcoming Events

March 8-16 South by Southwest (Austin, TX – PRN is presenting)
The annual SXSW conference will feature a panel with PRN President Tony Jordan, who will be discussing the impacts of excessive parking on cities.

March 28-29  Curbivore (Los Angeles, CA) 
This conference aims to rethink how to use the curb, whether it be for delivery and pickup, parking, food service, or parklets. The goal is imagining how to use the space so it serves everyone.

May 14-15 Strong Towns National Gathering (Cincinnati, OH – PRN is presenting)
Hear from inspiring speakers, participate in hands-on workshops, and meet with fellow advocates.

May 15-18 CNU 32 (Cincinnati, OH)
Engage with innovative minds in the field of New Urbanism and be part of the dialogue that shapes the future of urban living and planning.

Do you have an upcoming webinar or conference session? Let us know by email or via this event submission form so we can share with the network.