About the Parking Reform Network

Our mission, our members, our team.

The Parking Reform Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2019.

Our Mission

The Parking Reform Network educates the public about the impact of parking policy on climate change, equity, housing, and traffic. In partnership with allied organizations, we accelerate the adoption of critical parking reforms through research, coalition-building, and direct advocacy.

Our Members

The Parking Reform Network has hundreds of members across the globe. Our membership includes elected and appointed officials, academics and researchers, city planners and consultants, and activists in multiple policy areas.  

Our Team

The Parking Reform Network is guided by an Advisory Board and our work is carried out by our Board of Directors with the help of volunteers, interns, and support staff.

Professor Donald Shoup over a red background wearing a UCLA hat.
Donald Shoup

Advisory Board

Tony Jordan


Paula Acero


Etienne Lefebvre

Communications Coordinator

Daniel Herriges

Policy Director

Eric Arellano

Board of Directors

Raynell Cooper

Board of Directors

Michael Kwan
Michael Kwan

Board of Directors

Laura Fingal-Surma

Board of Directors

Headshot photo of Evan Manvel, who is posed in front of a brick wall.
Evan Manvel

Board of Directors

Norman Garrick

Advisory Board

Ann Cheng

Board of Directors

Kevin Hardman

Advisory Board

Jane Wilberding
Jane Wilberding

Board of Directors

Rachel Weinberger

Advisory Board

Patrick Siegman

Advisory Board

Todd Litman

Advisory Board

Lindsay Bayley
Lindsay Bayley

Advisory Board

Paul Barter


Michael Harney


Tung Lin

Software Engineer

Natalie Montanez

Senior Writer & Editor

Chelsea Smith


Griffin Stotland

Research Intern

Mary Pustejovsky

Technical Advisor

Thank you to our past interns and volunteers: Thomas Carpenito, Madeline Kovacs, Ken Yoneda, Nathan Wyand, Vanshika Fotedar, Joseph Alamo, Bianca Badajos, Ethan Chan, Sultan Smalley, Taylor Petersen, Cynthia Van Ness, Austin Gray, Ryan Martin, Grace Hartman, Andrew Kiefaber, Evan Kindler, Angel York, Arron McDonald, and Taylor Lightman.

Our Partners

Successful parking reform campaigns leverage coalitions of allied organizations and local grassroots advocates. We’re building these partnerships with organizations at every level. Some of our partners are listed below. If you’d like to become a partner, simply get in touch!

The Street Trust
People for Bikes
America Walks
Farm and City
Elgin Community Bikes
Chicago Jobs with Justice
Livable Cville
Open Plans
We Bike Rochester
SLC Neighbors For More Neighbors
Place Initiative
Sightline Institute
New Haven Parking Authority
Southwest Energy Efficiency Project
Labor Network For Sustainability
Kid Safe San Francisco
Greater Canberra
Thread Atlanta
Spin Unit
Divine Distillers
Centre for Sustainable and Equitable Cities
Triangle Blog Blog
Logo of Urban works, black background with white text, with a geometric logo that looks like shields
Logo for our parking mag, black strong typography on italics.
Bike-Walk Fayette Logo, orange square with the letters on white. On the back, in black color, a bicycle wheel and a footprint of a combat boot.
RMI logo; an M shaped symbol, with two types of blue color, followed by the initials RMI in bold and the legend "energy transformed" below.
New Liberals of Houston's logo; black background with the name on big white upper case letters.
Liveable Kirkland's logo: White background, word live in green color, able in blue, both on italics and Kirkland in big bold blue letters.
MPACT collective logo: At the top there ir a logo that resembles a person, a city and a green leaf. MPACT appears in gray uppercase letters and Collective in green ones.
Strong SacTown's Logo; it has the tower bridge on the left side and the name in strong bold typography on the right side.
Climate Changemakers' logo: All in purple, at the left we have a drawing of the planet, the see is colored in purple and america is in white with purple contorned. The name is at the right and it is in purple typography.
Transportation for America Logo: United states flag at the left side, but instead of having. ablue backgrown with white stars, it is. a blue background  with a white road and a white star at the end.
Strong Towns Portland Logo: Two lines, on the first one we have a doddle drowing resembeling a flower in yellow color; following by the word Strong in upper case and in a strong bold typography. Second line (down)the word Towns in the same typography. Both are in blue color. Next, the letters pdx in lower case in a cursive typography in a lighter blue.
Park (ing) Day logo; Whole word in Arial bold, Park is in hard green, ing is in pink color and day is on purple
Streets for All logo: Square divided by 4 rows. On the first one we have a 4 squares. First tiny square has a person walking on a yellow background, next one has a kid on a skooter with a blue aqua background, following one is a person on a weelchair with light blue background, and the last one from this row is a bike with blue background. Next row is occupied by the word Streets in white typography and dark blue background. Next row, half of it is the word For and the next two tiny squares are filled with a bus and a train, with purple and pink backgrounds. Last row has. acar with range background, a tree with green background and the last two spaces are used by the word all.
Strong Towns Santa Barbara:Typography of the other logos, with a Santa Barbara below all.
Coalition for Smarter Growth logo: Three circles with the letters C S G in each of them.
Max Housing Logo: eight tags of alternate colors (red, yellow, blue and green) in a circle. They ook like a flower. Max Housing is besides on a soft typography.
SLU on the Move logo: Shadow of a train carriage from the front, in the window there is a shadow of a bike. On the right we see SLU in blue upper case, followed by On the in black ones and below those three words, we have the word MOVE in red upper case.
Transit Alliance logo: The name in orange typography
A. Philip Randolp Square Logo: Artistic figured, composed by a square with a circle and a line inside, followed by the name in thin light black typography.