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Walkable Parking in City Cores Reinventing Parking

If you found this podcast, you are probably interested in parking reform.  But what do you know about the idea of "park-once-and-walk districts"? Have you heard of the Walkable Parking mindset on urban parking?  These ideas are an important part of escaping the belief that every building should have on-site parking. But they are not yet getting very much attention in parking reform circles.  So, I decided to prepare a series of short Reinventing Parking episodes on park-once-and-walk districts and Walkable Parking. This is the first in that series.  This episode will look at park-once-and-walk in city centres (aka Downtowns). These are the heartland of the park-once-and-walk or Walkable Parking approach. Find out more HERE. Follow Paul Barter on Twitter. Reinventing Parking is now the official podcast of the Parking Reform Network! Why not join?
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