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The Parking Reform Network partners with Paul Barter from Reinventing Transport to produce the Reinventing Parking podcast.

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Parking Mindsets via Four Questions Reinventing Parking

Reinventing Parking is the official podcast of the Parking Reform Network! Why not join? This week, I ran a short training session about parking policy and challenged the participants with four questions that prompted them to examine their parking assumptions.  In this edition of Reinventing Parking I share the questions with you and discuss some lessons we can learn from them. As you read or listen, think about your own answers. You might get some insight into your own parking mindsets. You can read the written version of this episode here.
  1. Parking Mindsets via Four Questions
  2. Parking Reformer Stories of Action and Impact
  3. Minimums to maximums: lessons from the UK
  4. Austin did it. Your city can too!
  5. Six Surprising Parking Reform Ideas