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Is Parking Reform Anti Car? Reinventing Parking

People keep claiming that parking reform and the Parking Reform Network are "anti car".  So I thought I should make an episode to try to answer the question, is parking reform anti-car?  But, since that’s a loaded question not usually asked in good faith, I decided to instead look at a similar but more constructive question:  Can parking reform help cities avoid or escape having cars dominate their transport systems? And the short answer is that parking reform can help do this as much or as little as you want it to.  You can read a transcript here.  Reinventing Parking is the official podcast of the Parking Reform Network! Why not join?
  1. Is Parking Reform Anti Car?
  2. Powerful Parking Maps
  3. Parking reform and newly motorizing cities
  4. Disability, Aging and Parking Reform: Win-Wins and Trade-offs
  5. Beijing's escape from parking disaster