Meet PRN Member Ryan Martyn

In my thesis, I discuss the planning concept of the complete neighborhood, A.K.A. the 20-Minute Neighborhood / 15-Minute City. The concept basically says that if you can reach any daily essential within a 20 minute one way trip via active transportation (walk, bike, public transit), then you live in a complete neighborhood. In the paper, I critique the concept and suggest that the complete neighborhood should focus on a 10-minute round trip by foot to better align with people’s – especially drivers’ – willingness to walk. I also get more specific about what essentials are included in the concept and how essentials vary by culture and identity along with the need to provide essentials to those who are excluded from the free market. 

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Thomas Carpenito on his bike.

Meet Thomas Carpenito, Creator of the Parking Lot Map

We know parking lots take up too much valuable land in our communities. But how much land, exactly? Parking Reform Network researcher Thomas Carpenito wondered how he could find out — and how he could make that data make sense to people.  Parking Reform Network: How did you first become interested in parking reform?  Thomas

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