Etienne Lefebvre

Communications Coordinator, Parking Reform Network

Black Friday Parking 2024: Help Us Turn Bad Land Use Into Better Policy

Black Friday is the day that reveals one of the worst flaws in the American landscape: We have way too much parking. To showcase the scale of the problem using social media posts, we are using the hashtag #BlackFridayParking. This year’s campaign brings together more than a dozen organizations, advocates, and influencers on social media to draw attention to how wasteful and destructive parking requirements are marring our landscapes and making our places less productive. Join PRN and Strong Towns in challenging excessive and costly parking mandates!

Parking Lot Maps 2.0

PRN’s Expanded Parking Lot Map

Recently, with the help of dedicated PRN volunteer members, lead by Thomas Carpenito, PRN’s Parking lot tool was expanded, adding 40 new cities to the map. Below are three cities that were recently added to our map in the most recent update. Learn about what their current parking status is and how each city aims to tackle parking reform going forward.

Picture of a typical stroad in Canada

Parking Mandates, Equity, & Accessibility

Freeing up valuable space in our cities by reducing car-dependency can provide immense opportunities to intentionally design our cities around the needs of people with disabilities. Allowing people with disabilities to not only have independent mobility but also experience what it’s like to live in a city that directly prioritizes them rather than cars. When cities are designed around people instead of machines we get to enjoy an urban typology that encourages greater social connectedness, greater accessibility, greater equity and greater proximity to services and to each other.