Meet Our New Policy Director

It’s with great excitement that we officially welcome Daniel Herriges to the PRN team. Daniel rose to the top during a competitive application process and we’re so glad he is joining us now. He will play a key role in working with our partners, growing our movement and accelerating reforms nationwide.

Daniel is a lifelong urbanist and advocate for people-centered places. You may know him from his prolific writing at Strong Towns, where he served as editor-in-chief prior to joining the PRN team. (Here’s an example from a few years back.) In this role, Daniel helped to shape and direct Strong Towns’s campaign to end parking mandates and subsidies across North America. Daniel has a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Minnesota.

Daniel lives in his hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota, with his wife and two young children. He has previously also lived in Florida and Northern California. He is an avid bicyclist (for both transportation and recreation), map geek, and explorer / wanderer of cities.

As Policy Director, Daniel will be working to build and strengthen PRN’s strategic partnerships with advocacy organizations, community groups, and government stakeholders. He will also lead the ongoing development of resources with which PRN can best support advocates working on local and state parking reform, informing policy recommendations and providing research-backed materials to educate stakeholders.

Daniel is beyond excited to start working full time on the issue of parking reform at a time when it is achieving unprecedented levels of prominence and momentum. In the coming weeks, Daniel will be looking to learn a lot from PRN’s members and advocacy partners about how we can best direct our resources to support local champions and catalyze even more effective change.

You can get in touch with Daniel at [email protected]

It’s thanks to the generous support of our members that we have the exciting opportunity to grow our team and amplify our impact. Will you join the cause and help us shape a more livable, and equitable future?

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