Lindsay Bayley

Chicago-based planner at the local MPO.

Fairness and Equity in Parking Reform- Part 3

In previous posts, we talked about why adding parking doesn’t solve the “parking problem,” and why we need to use pricing to get turnover and create parking availability to actually solve the “parking problem.” One challenge commonly brought up when meters are proposed is the issue of fairness and equity. “Won’t new meters hurt poor

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When pricing is needed – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, increasing the supply of parking doesn’t address the fundamental challenge of congested parking areas. When drivers can’t find convenient parking during busy hours, the challenge must be addressed with pricing. No one wants to pay for something that they’re used to getting for free. But many are tired of driving

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Parking problems – Part 1

In the “before times” pre-COVID19, when beginning a parking study in an area that has a “parking problem,” I would start by interviewing people and asking them about the problem. I’d talk to business owners, residents, elected officials, principals at local schools, and anyone else who wants to talk to me. Can you guess the

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Two stickers in the style of Uncle Sam recruitment poster by James Montgomery Flagg. Likeness of Donald Shoup replaces Uncle Sam with text saying I want you to join the parking reform network. One sticker says Founding Member in the upper left hand corner.

Become a founding member of the Parking Reform Network

When you join PRN as a Founding Member, you will join other members in building a movement to advocate for parking reform around the country. Your dues will help cover organizational basics and allow us to develop materials and research for our programs. Members have access to our organization’s Slack chat, our mailing list, and

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