New York City’s Chance to Lift Parking Mandates for Good

The movement for parking reform in New York City is heating up — and parking mandates could be lifted as soon as next year. We need folks from all parts of the city to come out to public meetings that the Department of City Planning will be holding in the near future to speak on the need to pursue lifting parking minimums citywide.

Thomas Carpenito on his bike.

Meet Thomas Carpenito, Creator of the Parking Lot Map

We know parking lots take up too much valuable land in our communities. But how much land, exactly? Parking Reform Network researcher Thomas Carpenito wondered how he could find out — and how he could make that data make sense to people.  Parking Reform Network: How did you first become interested in parking reform?  Thomas …

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Why I’m Donating my Insurance Settlement to the Parking Reform Network

One year ago, a pickup truck hit me on my bike in a hit-and-run while going to breakfast in Tempe, Arizona. The collision broke my collarbone, resulting in an incredibly frustrating three months of not being able to use my right arm while it healed.

Fortunately, my collarbone is fully recovered now. But I want to live in a world where collisions like this stop happening. So, I am donating $25k of the $28.8k* insurance settlement to the Parking Reform Network.

image shows how undeground parking imposes a disproportionate cost on midrise housing developments relative to lower density housing.

Missing Middle Housing and the Parking Problem

Urban land is scarce and valuable, when cities mandate minimum parking requirements they increase the price of every other type of urban land use. Mandating parking in cities means less space for housing and less space for small businesses. This means more expensive housing and more expensive rents for businesses. The end result is a city that quickly becomes unaffordable for regular people.