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Parking Over Preschool in Portland

Portland, OR’s largest preschool is getting evicted over a parking squabble. It’s not the city requiring parking, this time, but the school’s landlord, a church, that wants to see cars parking instead of kids playing.

Dallas Keeps Moving Toward Reforms

Another meeting of the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee in Dallas, TX takes them a step closer to a recommendation to eliminating costly parking mandates. We hear this could make it before City Council by the end of the summer!

More news about parking minimums

Philadelphia’s Parking Tax Cut

The Philadelphia Inquirer has come out against a proposed parking tax cut. Philly’s Urbanist PAC, 5th Square, is organizing more opposition.

Charlottesville Says No To New Garage

If you follow NYT Opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie you probably know that Charlottesville has been considering a multi-million dollar parking garage. Opponents of the plan carried the day and the city will build a new surface lot instead. Surface lots are just apartment buildings waiting to happen, structured parking is a 30 year commitment to more cars in your city.

New Tools for Reformers

The Urban Land Institute has put together a neat searchable dataset of parking reforms in the USA. It’s a nice companion to the Parking Reform Atlas.

And a recent report from UCLA’s Adam Millard-Ball analyzed the high cost of wide residential streets. There is an accompanying website with a map and loads of charts and examples, check it out!

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