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Hello and welcome to this week’s Parking Reform News! This is the first week in quite a while where I have not had the luxury of an editor. Many thanks to Angel York for her work as a Communications Intern since the beginning of the year. If you know someone with strong editing and/or social media skills who would like to help us further our mission either as an intern or volunteer, send them the internship description. Until then, expect more errors and less maps. My apologies in advance.

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May Event: Tackling Parking Reform in Hawaii

You’ll want to register now for our online event on May 20th: Tackling Parking Reform in Hawaii – Taking Down Parking Lots and Unpaving Paradise. Featuring Kathleen Rooney Ulupono Initiative’s Director of Transportation Policy and Programs. The event will begin at 4PM Pacific, free registration is required, sign up here.

Dallas Parking Reform Heats Up

PRN Member Nathaniel Barrett has another comprehensive and, if you’re into this sort of thing, entertaining thread reporting on the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee meeting regarding parking reforms. And in an exciting development, a new facebook group has formed to support the potential reforms: Dallas – Parking Reform.

Buffalo Parking Garage Seeks Second Life

When a city eliminates its parking requirements, it can open up a world of possibilities. The City of Buffalo, NY is considering proposals to redevelop a large downtown parking ramp. Let’s hope they pick the one with the least amount of car parking.

A Recipe for Achieving Real Housing Affordability

From PN Advisory board member, Todd Litman comes a characteristically comprehensive post about upzoning policies, including parking reforms, that can ensure that low- and moderate-income households can find suitable housing in good neighborhoods where transportation costs are low.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Open Streets and Street Seats

City News

You can support this podcast and a parking reform movement. Join the network or donate today.

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