Parking Reform News

Parking Panel Webcast Tonight at 5PM PST hear an expert panel, featuring PRN Advisory Board member Donald Shoup, discuss the True Cost of Residential Street Parking. This is a free event, but you need to register before 4PM for the link.

More Parking Podcasts Transportation Lawyer Greg Shill has a podcast called Densely Speaking and this week’s episode will feature Devin Bunten to discuss her recent white paper “People or Parking?

Chalking tires ruled legal again. You might remember earlier this year when a court ruled chalking tires to be an unconstitutional search? Looks like the ruling didn’t stand.

More cities reforming parking minimums. Wilmington, NC will be considering reducing parking requirements after a study showed the city had three times as much parking as park space.

In June, Edmonton, Alberta took the plunge and eliminated it’s parking requirements. Strongtowns posted a write-up about how that came about.

Parking over people. San Francisco doesn’t require residential parking, but there’s still plenty of opportunities for cars to displace people. Here’s a story about a small basement apartment that was removed because the city made the property owner choose between the apartment or a curb cut.

Do You Suck At Parking? Find out via this new parking related video game which features some pretty extreme parking maneuvers!

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