Open Parking Map App

Explore how much land cities dedicate to parking by using the Open Parking Map App. This app uses crowdsourced data to show surface parking across the entire world. Use the search bar in the upper right to type your city and use the “Show Surface Parking” button in the upper left to load all mapped surface parking in your area.

Disclaimer: This map only contains parking mapped by Open Street Maps volunteers and may not accurately represent the entire amount of parking in a city or town. See the full explanation below.

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This app was created by: Brandon Cohen

What is Open Street Maps?

OpenStreetMap is a free, open geographic database updated and maintained by a community of volunteers via open collaboration. Through this data we can extract structures based on use. In this case we extract structures based on its use as “Parking”. The site automatically extracts and highlight parking in urban areas all around the world from Open Street Maps data. All updates made on the Open Street Maps database are automatically updated on the site to ensure the most up to date data.

What if my city isn’t mapped?

The Parking Reform Network maintains a quality-controlled database of major cities across the country on its Parking Lot Map. Quality controlling ensures that all land primarily dedicated to parking is mapped and all parking represented is accurate. Below is a representation of 121 parking lots that the volunteer team at Parking Reform Network manually added to the city of Arlington, TX in the Parking Lot Map.

Learn how to add Parking Lots in Open Street Maps