Social Media Internship

The Parking Reform Network is a non-profit organization with the mission to educate the public about the impact of parking policy on transportation, housing affordability, equity, and climate change. With over 100 members in the United States and across the globe, we are revolutionizing the way cities are implementing parking policy through empowering advocates with educational materials and resources to lobby for change in a data-driven and innovative manner.  We recognize the critical role that social media plays in engaging our current members as well as attracting and gaining more members and partners in the future. We are seeking a social media intern to support us in doing just that. The Social Media Intern will assist us in communicating our mission, raise awareness of our educational resources, and advocacy programs. 

An internship with the Parking Reform Network will additionally provide applicants with an opportunity to learn about parking policy from, and interact with, planning, transportation, and parking industry leaders and experts. Your work will make an impact on housing affordability, climate action, and sustainable transportation from coast to coast. 

Specific duties of this internship include:

  • Assist with the inception, design, and execution of social media campaigns
  • Create and manage weekly and monthly calendars to promote the organization and/or the organization’s publications on various platforms
  • Create and distribute content such as infographics, memes, and advertisements
  • Track social media engagement to identify effective campaigns and opportunities
  • The Social Media Intern will work under the direction of the Parking Reform Network President and/or Board Member.

Working under the direction of the Parking Reform Network President and/or Board Members, this position will be highly collaborative.  The Social Media Intern position is expected to work remotely, helping PRN effectively communicate our cause and passion. New ideas, insights, or expansion of existing materials is always welcome and encouraged.

Skills: Strong writing and editing skills. Experience with social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Familiarity with social media trends, tools, and strategies. Experience with image editing software. Google Analytics and Google Ads certification or experience is preferred.

Requirements: Applicants must have access to their own computer with a reliable internet connection. Applicants must have access to software needed for image editing and creation (such as Photoshop, GIMP, etc.)  Communication with supervision is done over video chat and Slack.

Hours: Average of 10 hours per week for 10 weeks is the preferred term.

Stipend: Interns with the Parking Reform Network receive a stipend of $250.

How to apply: Email a CV or Resume and a short cover letter to [email protected] 

Applicants are encouraged to include links to their LinkedIn, Twitter, personal websites, or other platforms you think relevant to this position in their  email or resume.